Is the entire range of Limoncè products gluten free and non-GMO?

The entire range of Limoncè products is gluten free thanks to the distillation process during production. Naturally they’re also non-GMO.

What’s the expiry date for Limoncè products?

Limoncè products haven’t an expiry date. Still, our advice is to keep them far from light and heat and, after opening, put them in the fridge.

What’s the best way to conserve Limoncè?

Our Limoncè is made with 100% natural ingredients, thus sensitive to lengthy exposition to direct sources of light and heat. Our advice is to keep it far from direct sources of light and heat and once it’s opened, put it in the fridge.

Where is Limoncè produced?

Limoncè has an Italian heart: in fact, it is made in Italy using the peel from lemons grown in Sicily, according to the traditional recipe.

How can I drink Limoncè?

You can drink Limoncè straight and very cold or it can be used as the base for excellent cocktails like the refreshing and thirst quenching Limoncello Spritz: 4cl Limoncè, 6cl Prosecco, 3cl lemon soda, mint leaves.

You can also drink Limoncè Crema (Cream) straight and very cold or use it as garnish for cakes and ice creams.

I’m curious about the latest Limoncè news.

To keep up-to-date with the latest Limoncè news and get great ideas for recipes and much more, visit the LEMONBLOG and put a like on our FACEBOOK page!

I’m the owner of a restaurant or a pub and I want to buy Limoncè products.

To have more information about our products and terms of purchase, you can contact us at limonce.italia@stock-spa.it.

I’m a consumer and I want to buy Limoncè products.

All the Limoncè products are available in most of the retail stores in Italy. To find out where is the closest point of sale, contact limonce.italia@stock-spa.it.

You can also buy Limoncè range online, directly at www.limonce.it. Click on the “BUY NOW” button and choose the product(s) that will be delivered directly to your home.

How can I buy online at www.limonce.it?

The "Click&C'è" function of this website allows you to buy all our products by directly accessing the cart of your favorite retailer. Just click on the button "BUY NOW" to choose from the product list and select the available dealers.

The product is added directly to the cart and you can complete the purchase. Limoncè website safely directs you to external sites, familiar to you, where you usually shop online.

The methods for payment and delivery depend on the site you’ve chosen for the purchase.  The service is designed to make you buy on your favorite dealer's website, where you already have an account. When you choose the retailer and you are redirected to its site, you simply need to log in with your credentials and complete the purchase.

How can I buy from a retailer’s website if I don’t have an account yet?

You have to register to create an account on the dealer’s site. The information you need to insert will vary from site to site. Just follow the directions.

How does the delivery of my “Click&C’è” order work?

Your order will arrive directly at your home with the dealer’s delivery service. For further information, please contact your chosen dealer directly.

How much does “Click&C’è” delivery cost?

The cost of delivery depends on the dealer and may vary according to the total cost of your purchase and the delivery time you’ve chosen. For further information, please contact your chosen dealer directly.

The “Click&C'è” service doesn’t work.

Send an email to limonce.italia@stock-spa.it and we’ll answer you as fast as possible.

The “Click&C'è” service works but I can’t manage to make the purchase on the dealer’s site.

We have no control on the sites of external dealers thus we are not responsible for how they function. For further information, please directly contact the dealer you’ve chosen.

I’m abroad and want to buy Limoncè.

Limoncè is stocked by some selected dealers in the following foreign countries: Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Slovenia, Croatia, UK, Belgium and Portugal. To find the closest point of sales, contact limonce.italia@stock-spa.it.

I’d like to know how to protect my privacy.

For more information about how we protect your privacy, you can read the information at the bottom of the page at "PRIVACY & COOKIE POLICY”.

I have some suggestions for you.

For any suggestions you have, don’t hesitate to contact us at limonce.italia@stock-spa.it.

We’ll answer you as soon as possible.