Mascarpone cream with Limoncè

Christmas can't really be called over until pandoro runs out… but after the holidays it needs an extra dose of flavor. How? Simple: with today’s recipe of Mascarpone cream with Limoncè.

Butter cookies with Limoncè and chocolate

Some people swear they are willing to give up appetizers, entrees, main courses and side dishes for the moment of desserts. But meanwhile some take out the raisins and candied fruit and others dislike Christmas desserts in general, there is one that would get everyone to agree: the delicate Limoncé and chocolate butter cookies.

Limoncè plumcake

Is there anything better than the combo tea and plumcake for a fall evening with friends at home? The fun part is that you can prepare it in a thousand ways. Today we share with you the recipe of Limoncé plumcake, a fresh and fragrant dessert that has only one downside: it will end too quickly.

Ricotta and Limoncé squares

How better to get the ball rolling of baked desserts than with a super recipe? For fall, here is a new idea for a delicious dessert: ricotta and Limoncé squares. Easy to prepare and great even for those who can’t have gluten. Are you ready to get back to cooking?

Limoncè truffles with white chocolate

Do you have guests for dinner and want to surprise them with a fresh and yummy dessert? We have a recipe for you: Limoncé and white chocolate truffles. Perfect to end a summer dinner, also because... you won't even have to turn on the oven!

Chicken nuggets with Limoncé

Cooking in the summer is sometimes a real challenge, especially if we have to stand behind the stove for hours. The solution is to opt for quick but tasty recipes, like the one we are proposing today: limoncé chicken bites! Very quick to prepare, they will be a great idea for a healthy and tasty meal.

Limoncè fruit salad with toasted fruit

It’s well known, give up fruit salad in summer is hard. But after a while, the risk is to lose inspiration and to always repeat the same recipe. What if we would be about to share a new and original one with you? Sharpen the knives and get ready for Limoncè fruit salad with toasted nuts.

Limoncè and raisin cookies

The scent of lemons is enclosed in these delicious cookies! A simple and quick recipe perfect to be given to a loved one. Just wrap them carefully in a small bag and there will be no thought more welcome!

Spaghetti with lemon, bottarga and Limoncè

Do you want to prepare an undemanding lunch, but at the same time able to impress your guests? Limoncè puts the solution on the table: spaghetti with lemon, bottarga and Limoncè. A dish ready to be enjoyed in less than half an hour, but with a delicate and sophisticated flavor, perfect to conquer any type of palate!

Coconut muffins with Limoncè

We already know you have tried muffins with chocolate, jam, cream and a thousand other flavors, and now you think muffins can no longer surprise you. Well, this is exactly where you are wrong! This month we are ready to make you change your mind with our coconut muffins with Limoncè, an original recipe that will leave you speechless. Heat the stove and let's start with the preparation!