Swordfish skewers with Limoncè

Let's give ourselves a little freshness even also for lunch, it doesn't take much, a Limoncè recipe is enough!
We are talking about swordfish skewers with Limoncè, a quick and easy recipe perfect for an open-air aperitif!
Let's find out together.

Limoncè Bombardino

We are still in the middle of winter, the weather outside is cold and dreary, so staying at home in the warmth is always pleasant, but it's still nice if we are with lovely dessert, the one and only: bombardino.
For the occasion, our Limoncè will make it even more unique, creamy and with a surprising taste. So let's take a break from the sofa and run to making the Bombardino al Limoncè. Let's begin!

Soft cake with Limoncè

Today’s recipe is a multisensory delicacy: it’s a dessert capable of illuminating the table, inebriating the nose and gently conquering the palate. And the process is also very simple!

Let’s see it together.

The gift that sweetens every moment.

These days, we have realized how much we have missed the laughter of our loved ones and how important is to let them know that their closeness is really precious. Isn’t that what Christmas is all about? There is no need for big gestures: being there, for someone, is the real gift. Limoncè is able to sweeten the evenings and end the dinners thanks to its Limited Edition boxes.

Limoncè risotto

The days of fire (and stove) are coming and we have thought of a completely unexpected recipe that will amaze your guests during Christmas lunches and dinners: the "Limoncè Risotto", a delicious dish that needs a few steps to surprise all palates.

Lemons miracle

However many times we can talk about lemons, there will always be a different way and a different reason to do it.

This is because the citrus fruit that in the house never fails has many properties, resulting in being a fragrant choice, eco-sustainable and effective even when we talk about home cleaning.

So simple that nothing forbids us to try it immediately and test personally. Are you ready?

Lemon jam: simply sweet

The most important meal of the day can also become the best: for your breakfast choose a simple and tasty lemon jam.

Let's see together all the steps to achieve it in the best way.

Limoncè’s unique taste enchants London Spirits Competition’s jury

Following last May World Liqueur Awards success, Limoncè returns on the podium at the London Spirits Competition. The world’s most important exponents in the alcohol sector have, indeed, awarded the entire range of Limoncè considering three parameters: quality, uniqueness and originality of packaging.

The new TVC is now on air!

Four friends, four glasses of Limoncè and a yellow ribbon to chase: the new TVC by Limoncè is a breath of fresh air, an invitation to celebrate the bonds that really matter.

Amaro Limoncè biscuits: one leads to another

You don’t know how to impress your guests? We'll think about it.
Set aside the classic chocolate, cream and pistachio, to make room for the originality of Amaro Limoncè.
Let's see together how to make some really surprising cookies!