Meet Limoncè’s new look: a breath of fresh air with the same Italian heart you love!

Today we celebrate 35 years of the world most beloved Limoncello.

How? By refreshing the look leaving its Italian heart intact! You can discover our new look in your nearest shops!

Lemon tiramisu'.

Summer is almost over and it's not easy to find a fresh and tasty recipe, without falling into banality. But what if we told you that even traditional sweets can be reinvented?
Here how to create a tiramisù with Limoncello, that will leave all your friend speechless.

Ah, the smell of Lemon!

How often after a dinner that was a bit flambé do we have to deal with the stink of burning in the kitchen? Who hasn't been able to remove obstinate odours from clothing after repeated tries in the washing machine? Let's discover some simple solutions for making our home perfumed with the help of our beloved lemons.

Lemon slush, a citrusy explosion.

Let's bring a bit of the sea to our days and dive into a super summer recipe conceived for those who want to cool off without traveling: lemon slush! Here's how to prepare it in a few simple steps without an ice-cream maker.

A yellow lemon mug.

What better way to make a toast than in Limoncè style? This month the long awaited mini mugs are back on the shelves in a Limoncè limited edition!

The invisible lemon.

We already knew that lemons are fruits with a myriad of uses, but the lemon juice in our Limoncè is not only excellent: among its many properties is invisibility!

Lemon to warm your heart.

Today we’ll discover together how to create totally do-it-yourself lemon scented candles. To feel more togetherness, we can put them out on our balconies to share their light with those close to us, with the wish to see each other again soon.

Limoncè is here, and you?

Dear friends,
in this moment of great need, Limoncè has decided to commit himself to supporting the people who for months have been putting their hearts and energy into trying to save lives.

Yellow power.

You can't do anything without lemons in the kitchen, but if we tell you that they're not just useful for creating exquisite recipes? Today, our beloved citrus fruits will be transformed into batteries able to power even a LED light bulb.

The floating lemon.

Limoncè is dedicated to all the moments when friends meet each othes. So, here's a perfect game for you and your friends, a brainteaser to really liven up the evening.