Limoncè: You see it yellow but tastes like gold.

Few things in this 2021 make us toast, winning at the World Liqueur Awards is definitely one of them.

Reduced from winning in a global competition such as the one organized by, Limoncè can be just considered our Italian pride. Made in Italy has beaten the competition because Limoncè getting on the podium for the best fruit liqueur.

Limoncè Spritz: it's summer-time already!

The Spritz, a cocktail and a certainty.
This cocktail not only won the heart of Italians, but it quickly became the star of the evening gatherings with friends.
Today we offer a tasty and fresh alternative, the Spritz with limoncello! Ready to be enchanted by the lemons of Sicily?

Limoncè sorbet: spring flavor is here

Spring is showing in all its warmth, and the desire for freshness is now in the air. Why not indulge it with a homemade Limoncè sorbet? In this recipe we will show you how to prepare it in a few steps. Here's how to proceed.

Escalopes with lemon: what a revelation.

We all know that lemon is a magical ingredient, its versatility can give any dish an extra touch. Today it’s going to be the leading actor of a simple and very tasty recipe, which perhaps not everyone is familiar with: lemon escalopes. Here's how to prepare them in few simple steps.

Candied lemon peels

As we all know by now, lemon is always able to amaze us with its versatility. Today we talk about its fragrant peel, the perfect ingredient to create candied fruit to put in your desserts or to use to embellish your cocktails! In this recipe we will explain how to make them in a few simple steps.

Limoncè. The taste of Italian tradition becomes a precious gift.

Every year the magical atmosphere of Christmas envelops us in December month and we begin to pack gifts with shiny papers and bows. Satisfying everyone is not easy though.

Meet Limoncè’s new look: a breath of fresh air with the same Italian heart you love!

Today we celebrate 35 years of the world most beloved Limoncello.

How? By refreshing the look leaving its Italian heart intact! You can discover our new look in your nearest shops!

Lemon tiramisu'.

Summer is almost over and it's not easy to find a fresh and tasty recipe, without falling into banality. But what if we told you that even traditional sweets can be reinvented?
Here how to create a tiramisù with Limoncello, that will leave all your friend speechless.

Ah, the smell of Lemon!

How often after a dinner that was a bit flambé do we have to deal with the stink of burning in the kitchen? Who hasn't been able to remove obstinate odours from clothing after repeated tries in the washing machine? Let's discover some simple solutions for making our home perfumed with the help of our beloved lemons.

Lemon slush, a citrusy explosion.

Let's bring a bit of the sea to our days and dive into a super summer recipe conceived for those who want to cool off without traveling: lemon slush! Here's how to prepare it in a few simple steps without an ice-cream maker.