Orecchiette with pistachios, asparagus and lemon.

Ears open and all attentive to the recipe that will make even the most demanding friends mouth water. Orecchiette with cream of asparagus, pistachios and lemon to colour your summer days with flavour. Try it!

Limoncè spritz.

The most classic aperitif cocktail meet the most classic limoncello. With a fresh, light and thirst quenching taste, Limoncè Spritz is ideal for giving an edge to your aperitifs with friends.

Spaghetti tuna and lemon.

The dinner-saver dish par excellence, pasta with tuna, is enhanced by the fresh and citrusy notes of lemon juice and peel. Spaghetti with tuna and lemon is a fast and tasty recipe, ideal for summer evenings when everyone is very hungry, but you don't want to stay long in front of a hot stove.

Lemon curd.

Lemon curd: a cream of English origins, a lemon juice based custard that unites the intense, fresh taste of our favourite citrus fruit with a soft thick cream.

When yellow becomes gold.

For the second consecutive year, Syramusa, the premium limoncello, has enthralled the international jury of experts in the 2019 World Liqueur Awards, a competition acknowledged worldwide that have the aim of selecting the best beverages coming from all over the world.


The fresh taste of Limoncè, the intense aroma of mint and the effervescence of tonic water make a refreshing, thirst-quenching cocktail whose strong point is its simplicity.

Lemon Mackerel with chilli pepper.


Mackerel, oily fish particularly rich in vitamin B and omega 3, is the perfect ingredient for those who want to cook dishes that combine taste and balance.

Limoncè Dark Mojito.

One of the world's most famous drinks meets the Italians' most loved limoncello. The result? A full-bodied, aromatic cocktail in which the caramel notes of dark rum are perfectly balanced with the aromatic mix of mint and lemon.

Lemon almond cake.

A fluffy cake, aromatic thanks to the almonds that heighten the intense aroma of lemon. Try it in the morning for a sweet breakfast or at afternoon tea to make it even tastier!

Lemon risotto.

A light and surprisingly refreshing first course in which the colour and inebriating aroma of lemon make the difference.