Candied lemon peels


As we all know by now, lemon is always able to amaze us with its versatility. Today we talk about its fragrant peel, the perfect ingredient to create candied fruit to put in your desserts or to use to embellish your cocktails! In this recipe we will explain how to make them in a few simple steps.


1kg of lemons
500 grams of brown sugar


It will seem like a long and difficult process, but don't worry: there are very few things to do.
Our advice, however, is to start this recipe when you have time and a little patience: the results will not be obtained immediately, but once achieved it will be really worth it!

Another important thing: equip yourself with good and fragrant lemons, preferably organic, so as to avoid boiling chemicals. When there are few ingredients, quality can really make a difference.


Start by peeling the lemons to get the rinds. Cut the latter into small 1 cm thick strips and immerse them in a saucepan full of water, then cook for 5 minutes from boiling.
Now you will have to drain and repeat this operation 5 times, remembering to always change the water: in this way you will eliminate the bitter taste from the peels.
The fifth time, add 350 grams of sugar. Then, after cooking, turn off the heat and let it cool and rest overnight, covering the pot with a little cling film.

Once the night has passed, put the pot back on the stove, pour 150 grams of sugar and cook for another five minutes. Now cool down and let it rest for another night and ... voila!
The following day you can finish everything with the last step: remove your peel from the pot, place them on a baking sheet with a little parchment paper and let them dry well. If you have a dryer this is the right time to use it!

Now you just have to taste your delicious candied peel in the way you prefer, perhaps using them to garnish your glasses before toasting with Limoncè;)