Lemon jam: simply sweet


The most important meal of the day can also become the best: for your breakfast choose a simple and tasty lemon jam. Let's see together all the steps to achieve it in the best way.

1 kg of lemons
700 g of sugar
Water as required

First of all, we wash the lemons and eliminate any impurities. We slice them thin removing the seeds and then we put them in a large pot with lots of water to cover all the slices: let them soak 24 hours. Once the time has passed we remove the water, drain the lemons, we place them again in the pot and cover them with fresh water, at least 500gr. We boil them for ten minutes, drain the water, saving only 300 gr.

Then we put the lemons back in the pot with the 300gr of water put aside previously and sugar. We conclude the preparation by cooking all over low heat for about an hour, it’s important to monitor the cooking stirring occasionally, otherwise it could darken the mixture.

The final result should be a dense jam that does not drip. Once cooked, we invade everything in the glass jars already sanitized* leaving 1 cm of edge, so you have no trouble to close with twist cap off, specific for the vacuum, perfect for better preservation even without vacuum packing. Let them cool completely upside down.

The final result should be a dense jam that does not drip. Once cooked, put everything into the glass jars sanitized *, take the glass jars and fill them up to 1 centimeter from the edge, with the preparation still boiling. So, let's clean the edges of the jars, close them with the caps without tightening them too much and turn them upside down. We wait at least 15-20 minutes and then turn them over, at this point we let the glass containers cool in a cool place.

And here is our lemon jam ready: simple, sweet and delicious.

*How to sterilize the glass jars: we heat the oven from 100 o to 150 o maximum. We have the jars and lids on the pan of the oven, distant from each other. Leave them in the oven for about 20-25 minutes and then remove the jars one by one. The weather can also vary depending on the size of the jars and the temperature of the oven. They should be filled immediately with lemon jam, be careful to handle them because they are hot.