Lemon to warm your heart.


Summer, the smell of the sea and citrus fruits are not around the corner, but let’s not lose heart. We can still give a touch of warmth to our homes in a few easy steps. Today we’ll discover together how to create totally do-it-yourself lemon scented candles. To feel more togetherness, we can put them out on our balconies to share their light with those close to us, with the wish to see each other again soon.

Here’s what you’ll need:
1 candle*
1 lemon
1 microwave bowl, a metal spoon, scissors, knife

*Instead of the candle, you can use beeswax or vegetable oil and a wick.

Start by cutting the lemon in half horizontally and place it with the inside facing up after you make it stable by slicing off a bit of peel from the bottom so it won’t wobble. After that, hollow out the centre of the lemon with a spoon to make it into a little bowl ready for the candle you’ll create.
Remove the wick from the candle and heat the wax in the microwave oven. When the wax is completely liquefied, pour it into the half lemon and place the wick in the middle, being careful not to submerge it.

Now you are ready to illuminate the night with the light and the scent of the best citrus fruits! And for a sweet ending, enjoy this little magic with a drop of Limoncè.