The invisible lemon.


We already knew that lemons are fruits with a myriad of uses, but the lemon juice in our Limoncè is not only excellent: among its many properties is invisibility! Today we're going to tell you how to write messages in code just using lemon juice.


1 glass
1 cotton swab
1 half lemon
1 teaspoon
1 sheet of paper

Begin by squeezing the lemon juice into a glass. Then add some drops of water to dilute the juice and mix with a teaspoon. Ok, your ink is ready. Now dip the cotton swab in it and write your message on the paper. Alternatives to the swab are toothpicks, a calligraphy brush, a fountain pen or even a quill. Let the ink dry, you'll understand that it's completely dry when it disappears.
Now all you have to do is put the sheet of paper near a light bulb to make the message visible again!