Yellow power.


You can't do anything without lemons in the kitchen, but if we tell you that they're not just useful for creating exquisite recipes? Today, our beloved citrus fruits will be transformed into batteries able to power even a LED light bulb. Here's how they'll literally light up your day!

What you need to make the battery:

- 4 big fresh lemons
- some 2x5 cm copper and zinc foils
- 1 copper electrical wire
- 1 LED light bulb


Start by making a little hole in each of the copper and zinc foils; they're for inserting the copper electrical wire.
Now take your four lemons and cut some notches in each, then insert the copper foils in parallel about a centimetre apart alternating them with the zinc foils.
At this point unite the foils with the copper electrical wire by inserting it into the holes you made previously, then connect it to the LED light bulb.
Congratulations, you've made a new light! Now all you have to do is celebrate the success of your experiment with a drop of Limoncè.