Ah, the smell of Lemon!


How often after a dinner that was a bit flambé do we have to deal with the stink of burning in the kitchen? Who hasn't been able to remove obstinate odours from clothing after repeated tries in the washing machine? Let's discover some simple solutions for making our home perfumed with the help of our beloved lemons.

1. In the fridge
Do you want to maintain a refreshing and pleasant perfume in your fridge? Just put half a lemon inside a compartment and change it every three days. Finally you can say goodbye to the smell of aged cheese!

2. In the kitchen
To eliminate that bothersome smell of burning from your kitchen, slice up some lemons and boil them in a bit of water. The result will be outstandingly citrusy!

3. In the washing machine
Try putting a lemon cut in half (no seeds) in your washing machine. You won't only remove unpleasant smells, but your wash will be whiter than ever.

4. In the wardrobe
A smell of camphor in the wardrobe? To remove it just wipe down the inside with a cloth soaked in lemon juice, then let the surface dry for a couple of hours.

5. On your body
No more deodorant? Don't panic, our fantastic lemon will do its magic in this situation too. Squeeze the lemon and soak a cotton wad in the juice, then wipe your skin with it. And there you are, problem solved!

And if do-it-yourself isn't your thing, all you need is a shot of Limoncè to enjoy the perfume of lemons and more!