Lemons miracle


However many times we can talk about lemons, there will always be a different way and a different reason to do it.

This is because the citrus fruit that in the house never fails has many properties, resulting in being a fragrant choice, eco-sustainable and effective even when we talk about home cleaning.

Refrigerator, dishes, oven, microwave, copper and brass, work tops: in this long list, although not complete, we always find the lemon to be the common thread. In fact, it degreases and perfumes, ensuring an optimal result on each of these surfaces.

Today we see how to make each of these qualities emerge, but we will do it through the cleaning of coffee pots and teapots. Yes, because making sure they are in the best condition will ensure that our daily breaks are a moment of pleasure, especially when there are guests, friends or relatives.

The solution is both simple and advantageous: a mix of hot water and lemon juice will be enough to ensure that our teapots and coffee makers shine and are sanitized, removing possible dirt residues. None of this will compromise in any way the original taste.

So simple that nothing forbids us to try it immediately and test personally. Are you ready?