Semifreddo with Syramusa.


The warm heart of Siracusa lemons, delicious semifreddo!
Today we're offering you a really special recipe for a fantastic dessert: semifreddo with Syramusa. The notes of our premium limoncello together with the sweet taste of meringue will not only astonish your most critical guests, but will liven up the end of the evening like the icing on a cake, better yet, on the long-awaited semifreddo.
Ready to try it?

Portions: 4 portions
Time: 60 minutes


For the flavoured meringue:
100 ml water
500 g granulated sugar
250 g egg white
Peel from 3 lemons
30 ml Syramusa
500 ml soft whipped cream

For the gelatine:
1 l syrup
250 ml Syramusa
7 g gelatine

For the liquorice sauce:
8 egg yolks
240 g sugar
1 l milk
10 g pure liquorice


For the flavoured meringue.
Begin by whipping the egg whites. Meanwhile, heat the water on the stove and mix in the sugar and Syramusa until it reaches 120° Celsius. As soon as the meringue has cooled, add the soft whipped cream and flavour with the lemon peel.Put the mixture in dessert moulds, and then cool in the freezer.

For the gelatine.

Mix together the water, sugar and Syramusa in a pot and cook on a low flame until it is reduced, then add the gelatine.
Put it in the freezer until it forms soft but consistent gelatine.

For the liquorice sauce.

Unite all the cold ingredients in a vacuum-sealed bag and cook to 85° Celsius for 12-14 minutes. When finished, immerge the bag in water and ice.
Serve the semifreddo garnished with the liquorice sauce.

For the best possible conclusion, serve an iced shot glass of Syramusa with dessert!