Lemon tiramisu'.


Summer is almost over and it's not easy to find a fresh and tasty recipe, without falling into banality.
But what if we told you that even traditional sweets can be reinvented?
Here how to create a tiramisù with Limoncello, that will leave all your friend speechless.


3 big eggs
70 g sugar
150 ml Limoncè
200 ml milk
1 pack of Pavesini
Lemon slices
Grated lemon

Start by separating egg whites in two different bowls, then pour 30 g sugar into egg whites and the other 40g in the egg yolks.
With an electric mixer whip the egg whites, join mascarpone with the egg yolks and add three spoons of our beloved Limoncello.
Continue to whip until you have a puff and dense cream.

In another bowl pour the remaining Limoncè and mix it together with milk, then dunk the cookies and arrange them in layers and cover each layer with the mascarpone cream. Alternate every biscuits layer with one cream layer and continue untill you finish all the ingredients.

To garnish the last layer, you can prepare some tufts with a sac à poche.
Finally, grate the lemon skin directly on your tiramisu' and decorate it with some lemon slices.
Before serving your delicious revised sweet, leave it in the fridge for about 6 hours and then enjoy it fresh with the company of good friends, maybe during a beautiful summer night, with a sip of Limoncè.