Limoncè Bombardino


We are still in the middle of winter, the weather outside is cold and dreary, so staying at home in the warmth is always pleasant, but it's still nice if we are with lovely dessert, the one and only: bombardino.
For the occasion, our Limoncè will make it even more unique, creamy and with a surprising taste. So let's take a break from the sofa and run to making the Bombardino al Limoncè. Let's begin!

Ingredients for 4 glasses:
Yolks of about 5 eggs 90 g
Sugar 25 g
Moscato wine 35 g
Limoncè liqueur 40 g

To garnish:
Zest of 1 lemon
Fresh liquid cream 300 g

To prepare the "Bombardino al Limoncè", let's start with the lemon. After having washed and dried it well, we use a potato peeler to obtain two zest, which we will immediately after cut into thin strips. We immerse them in a frozen bowl containing water and ice and leave them to rest.
Now we grate the other part of the lemon zest and pour it into a bowl containing our liquid cream. We whip the latter to obtain a compact and frothy mixture, fill a pastry bag without a nozzle with the whipped cream and place it in the refrigerator. In a saucepan pour the Muscat wine and Limoncè, add about half of the sugar and then turn on the stove over a low flame. We stir continuously until the sugar has dissolved completely, after which we can turn off the stove.
Next, we put a pan in a pot with water. We turn on the stove at medium temperature, pour in the egg yolks, the remaining part of sugar and cook in a bain-marie add a drop of the liqueur syrup obtained from Limoncè and the Muscat, now we punch it all with a whip.
As soon as the mixture thickens, we quickly pour the remaining part of the syrup and continue to beat for a few minutes until the liquid reaches 82 °, we check the temperature with a kitchen thermometer. The final mixture must appear clear and fluffy. Take it off the heat and pour it into 4 glasses.
Now let's remove the whipped cream from the fridge, ready to cover our glasses with Limoncè's' zabaglione. It is important that the cream does not rest directly on the cream, otherwise it will sink. Instead, we must form a sort of seal around the glass to which we will add more cream, until a small spiral is formed. In this way the mixture will not fall apart and the underlying liquid will also remain unharmed. We complete our glasses of Bombardino al Limoncè with lemon zest prepared at the beginning.
Now the only thing left is to savor it still hot with those we love the most! Cheers to everyone.