The new TVC is now on air!


Finally after years of waiting the new TVC by Limoncè is now on air! You can see it on all Italian TVs.
An ode to joy and relationships that matter, the story begins with a radiant woman pouring Limoncè: just a drop in the glass is enough to awaken in her closest friends the desire to see each other.

That’s why we see three men running from different corners of the city, chasing a yellow ribbon that symbolizes Limoncè. Between understanding glances and jokes full of intimacy, they get dragged by the yellow ribbon towards the house where their friend is waiting for them. The four friends finally hug each other happily and they toast to their friendship while the yellow ribbon frames the scene. 

To accompany all, the iconic and inevitable "Lemon Tree" soundtrack, but this time in a more rhythmic version to follow the main characters in their rush to Limoncè. 
This metaphor is used for describing unique and timeless relationships, as the voiceover tells: “For those who seek. For those who find. For those who are there every time. Limoncè. Whoever's here, is here!”

Watch the new TVC.