Limoncè risotto


The days of fire (and stove) are coming and we have thought of a completely unexpected recipe that will amaze your guests during Christmas lunches and dinners: the "Limoncè Risotto", a delicious dish that needs a few steps to surprise all palates.

Ingredients for 4 people: 
320 gr of rice 
60 ml of Limoncè 
1 l Vegetable Stock 
1/2 Lemon zest, best if organic
2 tablespoons of Grana Padano 
30 grams of butter 
q.b. of Extra Virgin Olive Oil 
1 bunch of basil 
A bit of salt 

First, heat a little oil in a pan and add the basil coarsely chopped, not too finely. Then we add the rice and, after having toasted it for a couple of minutes, we raise the flame so as to blend it with our Limoncè. When we no longer feel the smell of alcohol rising from the pan we combine, one ladle at a time, the boiling broth. We add more broth only when the previous one has absorbed.
Halfway through cooking, we taste and adjust salt to our liking. When the rice is ready, add the lemon zest and, out of the fire, we maintain with the butter and the grated Grana Padano. Now all that remains is to serve and season, at will, with other fresh basil (or, for those who prefer, parsley or rosemary). Now we are ready to taste this Christmas treat and enjoy the company!