Limoncè Spritz: it's summer-time already!


The Spritz, a cocktail and a certainty.
This cocktail not only won the heart of Italians, but it quickly became the star of the evening gatherings with friends.
As for its invention, we have to thank the Hapsburg soldiers who, at the beginning of the 1800s, tried to mix the white wines of Veneto with sparkling water, to soften the taste. 
And so the very first Spritz was born, thanks to a practice that would make the most wine experts turn up their noses. Its name comes from the technique of "spritzen", German for "to spray".
It was only at the beginning of the 20's that the cocktail we now know and love was finally created.
Today we offer a tasty and fresh alternative, the Spritz with limoncello! Ready to be enchanted by the lemons of Sicily?

Ingredients for the preparation:
- Prosecco
- Limoncello
- Soda or sparkling water
- Ice

For garnish:
- a slice of lemon
- lemon leaf, bay leaf or mint leaf

Preparing Limoncè Spritz is very easy. First of all, fill a glass with ice and then pour 3 parts Prosecco. Add 2 parts of Limoncè and pour one part of soda. Alternatively you can use sparkling water, which is easier to find. 
To garnish add a slice of lemon. If you want to be creative, you can add a lemon leaf, bay leaf or mint leaf to give it even more fragrance, et voilà: Your Limoncè Spritz is ready to drink! Now is time to raise your glasses. Cheers!