Limoncè: You see it yellow but tastes like gold.


Few things in this 2021 make us toast, winning at the World Liqueur Awards is definitely one of them.

Reduced from winning in a global competition such as the one organized by, Limoncè can be just considered our Italian pride. Made in Italy has beaten the competition because Limoncè getting on the podium for the best fruit liqueur.

The jury defined the Italian limoncello:“very intense taste on the nose, followed on the palate by a sugary creaminess, the aroma recalls the fresh zest of lemons and ends with a peppery finish. The slightly cloudy appearance like that of lemonade stands out to the eye.”

What makes the event so relevant are the jurors. Because before the final judgment each liqueur is tasted and analyzed by a panel of prominent journalists, contents in the beverage sector, a jury of distillers and industry experts.

This year we could not ask for better. Let's toast to this victory, hoping that the year will bring us many other satisfactions.

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