Fabulous lemons.


There are never enough ideas for that big day! Why not make your wedding even more special with a lemon theme. Here are some ideas for an original and fragrant wedding.

The location

Lemons are particularly suited to spacious locations and they fit in beautifully with the elements of nature. So they would be perfect for a wedding in a rustic setting in the midst of nature or a romantic ceremony on the beach.

The guests
It's important that the invitations set the theme right away: white paper is perfect as a base for water colours of lemons, while the text could draw on the green tones of lemon tree leaves. For the envelopes, you can choose one of the myriad shades of yellow.

The tables
Lemons and imagination will also be the fulcrum for decorating the tables: centrepiece, candles, napkins, any object can be an excellent base for making unique compositions and place cards. Add mixed citrus fruits to your floral creations for a wonderfully fragrant result.

The decorations
Thinking about the set-up of the location, lemons always look good next to greenery. Choose lisianthius, olive or eucalyptus branches for a fresh contrast or set-up cases full of fruit with olive or lemon leaves for a more rustic effect; otherwise, for a touch of incomparable elegance, use large crystal vases and big fragrant flowers.

The bouquet

If the colour yellow has the place of honour, a touch of it must be in your bouquet. We advise you to use woolly-heads, an herbaceous perennial that flowers in the summer, for the floral arrangements. Its typical yellow flowers resembling little lemons can be put in the groom's boutonniere, the bridesmaids' accessories and the entire entourage.

Refreshments and the cake

When it's summer, even a simple thirst-quenching drink can be a cure-all: how about a Syramusa lemonade corner? Syramusa is our premium limoncello. Together with simple refreshments, it will surely be appreciated.

For the cake, choose one with multiple layers with floral decorations and lemons. A naked cake is ideal because without icing or showy decorations, it's easy to embellish with natural and floral elements.

The party favours
Forget the usual knick-knacks and give your guests a gift that makes an impression and wins over their palates: use simple but elegant little glass bottles and fill them with limoncello, better yet, Limoncè. An enjoyable and fragrant souvenir of a splendid day.