Meet Limoncè’s new look: a breath of fresh air with the same Italian heart you love!


Today we celebrate 35 years of the world most beloved Limoncello. How? By refreshing the look leaving its Italian heart intact! You can discover our new look in your nearest shops!

Limoncé, spokesman of values such as the joy of being together and conviviality for over 35 years, still unites families and friends.

Is it the careful selection of the best Sicilian lemons that makes it so unique?

Limoncè is still what it used to be: the zest of the best Sicilian lemons, 900 grams per liter, without preservatives, artificial dyes and flavours.

We only refreshed the look: elegant details, contemporary and harmonious colours and an extra breath of fresh air and radiant vibes.

Let's rediscover together all the products:

Traditional Limoncé for those who love a lemon digestive drunk straight and even more: have you ever tried it with tonic water or sparkling white wine? And as the main ingredient for a Limoncello Spritz?

Limoncé cream for those who want to treat themselves with a sweeter lemon moment, even as a garnish on fruit or ice cream.

Amaro Limoncé for those who prefer the complex flavours of herbs, typical of bitters, but with a touch of lemon, of course from Sicily.