Syramusa - Sicilian sun.


When the sun becomes fruit, it is lemon at first sight.

Today we’ll enhance the fragrant notes of our Syramusa making a cocktail with a fresh and truly unusual taste.

Ingredients for 1 Tumbler
1/4 Gin
1 part Syramusa
3/4 Homemade prickly pear shrub
(apple vinegar, sugar and red prickly pears)
Tonic water topping
Squeezed lemon zest
Ice cubes

Thyme sprigs
Lemon zest

Take a tumbler, fill it with ice cubes and add the gin. While mixing, add the Syramusa, the prickly pear shrub and finally a pinch of tonic water. To complete your creation, squeeze the lemon zest directly into the glass. If you want to add colour, put the thyme sprigs next to the straw and, if you wish, a bit of lemon zest to heighten the taste of your cocktail. The Sicilian sun is served, cheers!